Beacon Financial Advisors, Ltd.  provides two principal advisory services; Financial Planning and Investment Management   Our services are generally provided to individuals and families, and their related pension and profit sharing plans, 401k plans, trusts, charitable entities, and estates.  You can read more about our services in BEACON'S LIBRARY (see above).

Financial Planning ‐ identification of your financial assets and liabilities, cashflow management, tax planning, insurance review, education funding, retirement planning, and estate planning. We call this the quantitative part of your investment policy.

Investment Management ‐ determination of your investment OBJECTIVES and CONSTRAINTS, identification of your risk profile, and the implementation and management of an investment plan we jointly agree is appropriate for you. We call this the qualitative part of your investment policy.
Beacon Financial Advisors, Ltd. is a "balanced, global" portfolio manager. Rather than focus exclusively on a single asset class (stocks or bonds, etc.), we inclusively use multiple asset classes when building portfolios for clients. BALANCED because we diversify across asset types with different risk / reward profiles. GLOBAL because assets span the investment world’s borders to take advantage of attractive investment opportunities wherever they present themselves. Money managers are often categorized by the investment "style" used such as growth, momentum, value, indexing, etc. In our role as portfolio manager, Beacon is free to use various money managers (via mutual funds), thus enabling clients to enjoy the diversification benefit of multiple styles in their portfolios. We’re not locked into a single investment world-view, allowing for flexibility in our decisions. Portfolio management is an evolving process that is also iterative. After reaching the final step in the process, changed circumstances may dictate a re-trace of earlier steps. This booklet, Balanced, Global Portfolios Using Mutual Funds, describes the thoughtful investment process Beacon uses to manage clients’ money. We highlight the major aspects of each step to offer clients’ clearer insight and full disclosure into our investment management methodology and perspective. We welcome any questions or comments about Balanced, Global Portfolios Using Mutual Funds.

Beacon's Balanced, Global Portfolios Using Mutual Funds: The "Nuts & Bolts" Of Our Investing Approach

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